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Ray make up more stories.

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Ray make up more stories.

Postby AD6LR » Tue Mar 22, 2016 11:20 pm

Yeah. Like this really happened.

During WWII a ship was struck by a torpedo, and the only survivors found themselves in a lifeboat that was so packed with people, it was about to sink. As they were carefully paddling away, someone noticed two hands come up out of the water and grab the side of the lifeboat. It was another survivor. If he made it into the boat, there was a strong possibility that it would sink.

Two passengers loosened his grip and they continued to row away. Suddenly the boat rocked as he grabbed onto it once again. They again loosened his grip. They couldn’t take the risk of losing every life on the boat, to help one person. Again, he desperately grabbed the side of the boat, at which time a soldier turned around and chopped off the man’s fingers. He then watched him sink into the bloodstained water.

As they rowed away, they felt the boat jolt slightly, looked around and saw a sad and pathetic sight. The man had taken hold of a rope that was dragging behind the boat by his teeth and was holding on. At that point they felt such empathy for him they carefully pulled him onto the lifeboat.

Every one of us has a will to live, but we don’t realize how strong it is until someone or something tries to take our life from us. No one in his right mind willingly yields to the power of death. When sharing the gospel, appeal to a person’s God-given will to live by asking questions like:

“Are you good enough to go to Heaven?”
“If you were to die today, where would you be for all eternity? Why?”
“What is worth going to Hell for?”
A bad analogy is like a leaky screwdriver....
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Re: Ray make up more stories.

Postby BaldySlaphead » Wed Mar 23, 2016 8:27 am

Actually, it sort of did, but true to form, Ray's homily is full of crap.

It was the sinking of the Bismark. Having been fatally torpedoed by the Dorsetshire after a prolonged shelling from the British fleet, there were about 400 German sailors in the water. Only about 85 Germans were plucked out of the sea before, believing there to be immediate danger from U-boats, the rescue was called off.

During the period during which sailors were bring rescued, a midshipman named Brooks is reported to have jumped over the side of the Dorsetshire after spotting a German sailor whose arms had been blown off yet who had grabbed a line hanging from the Dorsetshire with his teeth. Brooks jumped into the sea and attempted to get a bowline around the man, but a large wave separated them and Brooks barely got back on board himself. Apparently Brooks was then put in the brig for leaving the ship without permission!
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