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Titles For Books That Don't Exist

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Titles For Books That Don't Exist

Postby Jessica » Mon Apr 03, 2017 5:41 pm

I've actually done something today other than talking to people I would rather not bother with, or waiting to do so, with the fear of my voice locking.
I went into Town (Manchester City Centre) and had a look round the museum and book shops and it got me thinking;
A list of imaginary titles for books that don't exist.

The Genes Fight Back
(Why we just don't fancy some people).

An Inuit In The Sahara
(The biological basis for our origins).

Snails Are People, Too
(An explanation of the importance of all life).

City Are The Greatest Football Team
(The reasons why we prefer one group over another).

We Built A Bridge
(How co operation makes us human).
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