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No, "evolutionists" do NOT use circular reasoning in dating

A place to talk about specific theists and our interactions with 'em. Should we engage or dismiss? Are there effective strategies?

No, "evolutionists" do NOT use circular reasoning in dating

Postby the_ignored » Sun Jan 15, 2017 9:56 pm

Good article here.

So how did I do it as the Morris’s say I can’t without fossils?

It was following the Principle of Super-position and I slowly worked it out and traced beds across faults etc. After I worked in a very small area by an ancient copper mine, which proved to be too small to be viable, and got the idea of the regional geology, I spent months traversing and area of some 40×30 miles slowing elucidating the strata. Apart from being totally confused by what I now know to be a large area of slumped tillites(Glacial deposits) I made a coherent map, and then God got other ideas for me. That is why I went to L’Abri before going to theological college, but that may be God’s sense of humour.

I started to explain to those at L’Abri where Morris was wrong and wondered if I would go the way of Servetus. I gave one of their Farel lectures which were kept in their library. As a family we went to L’Abri in 1998 but my lecture was missing, but no others seemed to be missing.

Thus was my introduction to YEC.
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Re: No, "evolutionists" do NOT use circular reasoning in dat

Postby zilch » Mon Jan 16, 2017 7:04 am

Yes, good article, thanks reynold.

Of course it's ironic that YECs complain about "circular reasoning" since that's how they generally operate: the Bible is true, because it says it's true, and it's God's Word because it says it's God's Word, and God's Word must be true.
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